All change

After 25 years of instructing climbing (and kayaking etc) and 12 years of being a provider of Mountain Training national awards I have decided to pass the baton onto a more capable generation. I have really enjoyed helping people qualify and move through the world of professional climbing instruction and coaching but life has taken me another direction. now reflects this so apologies if you were looking for a climbing course.

I am extremely busy on a day-to-day basis with physiotherapy so if you are injured, go to and come and see me. Interesting stuff will now mainly appear on this website as opposed to both.

I am, however going to continue with working with young climbers and squads up and down the country to minimise injury and maximise performance so expect to see me at a wall near you any time. I shall also be taking people out on the local cliffs on an ad-hoc basis.

Importantly I will be going climbing – Dolomites in Feb, Costa Blanca in March (will need to work for a bit) then who knows where in the summer – suggestions welcome.

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