Croatian climbing and hospitality at its best – Cliffbase

On a bit of a whim I convinced Lovely Wife to join me on a bit of a quest to a spot I had seen on the net. A few half hearted emails to Miro Stec convincede all would be ok. So a ferry from Split to Hvar island, a bus from Stari Grad to Jelsa, a taxi to Sveta Ndjelja which dropped us off in the wrong place. A precarious skitter through some woodlands and then we picked up the coast path. This was populated with beautiful people, most of whom were not sensibly attired. After a couple of important discussions about the validity of my information and motivation we rounded the corner to…..
Well, paradise really. Miro met us, showed us our room (bunkhouse style but private) and we settled in. An old fisherman refuge converted into a bunkhouse above a beautiful private harbour next to perfect limestone climbing. Bolted perfection with tufas and shaded faces as well as sun soaked deep water soloing where falling in is as much fun as climbing.
Add to this our wonderful host, Miro who couldn’t do enough for us, offering lifts and helping with travel and accommodation.
I will be coming back and soon. Kalymnos might have the volume but this place is a piece of heaven.

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