Montane Volt Jacket review

I recently purchased (at full cost price) this jacket from Go Outdoors and I am very pleased I did. It has set new standards in terms of warmth and comfort and was without a doubt the best fleece I have ever owned. It was comfortable with a nice fit which sat snugly under soft shells and kept me toasty but also looked smart enough to be worn on its own. It was technical enough – sat well under a harness with high pockets and one ample napolean pocket for phone, wallet, keys and sunnies. I guenuinley loved this jacket.

Why the past tense?

I returned it!

It was, unfortunately not very hard wearing – in fact after 1 month it started to look shabby with pilling fleece on ALL panels. this is despite the fact that I was saving ‘for best’ and never took it any where challenging.

So, my verdict. Go Outdoors and Montane should be commended on their customer service and the design and build of this jacket are brilliant. But, on balance – look to Montane’s other models for a more long lasting solution.

Ho hum

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