Coronation Street in Cheddar – super little route

I managed to coerce a chum to climb with me yesterday on a break in the clouds and managed to knock off the delightful Coronation Street in Cheddar Gorge. Coming in at E1 5b it might seem quite accessible but its fearsome reputation keeps all but the most hardy at bay. Luckily I was feeling hardy, less so Andy who reluctantly let me lead all the pitches after skittering his way up the first. I still maintain that pitch had the most awkward bit of jamming on it and combined with the damp would have put anyone off. However after that it was all straight forward – hard, pumpy, challenging, sustained but straight forward. Great gear throughout and amazing exposure – the steepness of this route was highlighted when I dropped a wire and it landed cleanly on the mat we used to clean our shoes at the bottom – it didn’t even get wet. There’s a lot more to go at but given how cold it was I might be looking to the sunnier crags on the other side of the gorge in the future. 

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