Wot I did on my holiday

Not really a holiday but a top time in North Wales working. Over the course of 5 evenings and 2 days I climbed:

Spectre (HVS 5a) – only the crux pitch in trainers

Ivy Sepulchre (E1 5b) – misguidedly the 1st pitch; bailed – horrid. followed Simon McCabe up 2nd pitch

Rift Wall (VS 5a) – unusually discombobulating. Great top pitch.

Zig Zag (VS 4c) – 2nd Joe Gittins

Plexus (E1 5b) – nothing short of delightful.

Gardd (HVS 5a) – 2nd Joe Gittins

Spaghetti Western (HVS 4c) – God Awful, no gear. Ground fall at 3m, bailed at 25m.

Oxine (VS 4b) – 2nd Joe Gittins

Gogarth (E1 5b) – pleasant approach to a stunning and difficult 5th pitch. Tough.

Concrete Chminey (HVS 5a) – easy enough but gave me the willies.

The Fang (HVS 5a) – pleasant, bold climbing

The Plum (E1 5b) – one of the best climbs at this grad. Superb!

So, there we go. 

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