Excellent weekend with Avon MC

Brilliant conditions forecast meant a mass exodus from the cities and the weekend started with a long 6 hours across the middle of Wales. However, all in all an excellent weekend with lovely new people to get to know, a good mix of adventures sought out and even peppered with some drama (hooray for the Spanish).

We awoke to glorious sunshine (with a cold breeze from time to time) and we were soon at the crag. I was climbing with Nick and we soon cracked off Super Direct (E1 5b) on The Mot before making the most of the dryness and venturing onto the Eastern Terrace for a stab at The Mole (HVS 5b). The main (2nd) pitch was still festooned with thick moss and picking a safe way up proved a tad worrisome but otherwise it went fairly easily.

2nd day was up to Cryn Las and The Grooves (E1 5b) – “possibly the finest E1 in the country”. I wouldn’t agree – The Arrow still holds that place in my book but it is a very close second. Tremendous, sustained climbing with a bit of spice on every pitch. We also ticked off Karwhendal Wall on The Grochan which proved less worthy of its stars than deserved.

Other than that the club achieved lots of goals with long days and significant ascents of Carreg Wasted, The Horshoe, The Glyders and The Carnedds.

The only fly in the ointment was perhaps some of the climbers having to be involved in looking after a climber who had fallen prior to the MRT’s arrival.

Oh, and Pete’s was rammed.

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