Coaching Symposium review of sorts

Its been a week now since the BMC Coaching Symposium down in Calshot and the stunning weather made it all the more impressive that nearly 100 climbing coaches from around the country were prepared to attend indoor seminars, workshops and lectures. For me it was a great chance to meet up with some old chums as well as keep my ear to the ground with regards current and best practice and find out what the exciting new developments are in the world of climbing coaching.

My general take on things can be summed up as follows:

The MLTUK are now rebranded as MTUK after a brief spell as MLT and are moving forward with the phased introduction of coaching awards and concurrent, regional academies. They’re not quite up and running but almost – watch their space.

The BMC are trying to assist with this where possible but their main focus is always going to be access and conservation.

A brilliant lecture by Simon Rawlinson on setting routes for kids – lots of injury avoidance advice (which I like).

I really enjoyed Tom Greenhall’s session on feedback – lots of good activities and we all learned a lot.

Dr Ross Robinson gave an inspiring lecture on the psychology of coaching and I, for one wanted to hear more.

My lecture was generally well received and if you ever wondered what happens when a physio stands in front of 100 climbers and says, “any questions?” I can tell you. Best guesses for number of minutes spent OVER my allotted time on a postcard to the usual address.

Overall, well organised, well managed and some excellent speakers with Calshot hosting us very well indeed. The only gripe was a lack of bar on the Saturday evening but then I shouldn’t drink so much should I. Roll on next year, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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